islamabad - Persistent dryness and cold have caused considerable increase in diseases related to dry and cold weather among people.

A medical expert from Polyclinic Hospital, Dr Sharif Astori has advised necessary precautionary measures especially for children and elderly people having weak immunity. He said, “Accumulation of hazardous pollutants in the atmosphere due to lack of rains coupled with cold has provided favourable conditions for harmful virus and bacteria to thrive, putting children and elderly people at greater risk of getting infection.”

He advised the people to start wearing warm clothes, cover heads while going outside, take fruit, balanced diet and increase fluid intake to save themselves from diseases quite common during weather transition period.

“Dry cold has increased skin dryness and allergy, common cold, pain in joints, respiratory tract infection, cough and flu,” he said. He advised extra care for asthma patients, elderly people and children to save them from complications.

“Avoid sharing handkerchief, towel and blanket with those already ill, take multivitamins for increasing immunity. Apply moisturizers on skin for avoiding dryness and rashes, medicines and multivitamins should be taken after consulting qualified doctor,” he advised. As November is the month with least rainfall, pollution level keeps on increasing. Suspended un-burnt carbon, acid and dust particles in the atmosphere are posing serious health hazards. Only good rain and strong winds could wipe out pollutants from the atmosphere. Canopy of pollutants will again develop because of human interventions, he said, adding, taking two drops of olive oil in nose is a tested measure to avoid inhaling polluted air.