Once upon a time University of Sindh was considered as Varsity of the poor students But it has now been out of reach for them. The Varsity has recently announced admission for bachelors and masters programs for the year 2019. The SU administration has increased admission fees up to ten thousand for the general disciplines this year which has disappointed poor students.

Because of high admission fees, students particularly from under-privileged communities of the province cannot afford to receive admission at University of Sindh. Even though many students who had already received admission to undergraduate program also left Varsity after studying their first academic year. Unfortunately concerned University has too failed to make a proper policy regarding admission fees. The burden of increasing fees can also have a negative impact on the students.

The Higher Education Commission must look into the matter and ask concerned SU administrator to reduce admission fees as soon as possible so that students of the less developed areas of the province can also afford to get admission at Sindh Varsity rather than dropping out due.


Hyderabad, October 25.