PR KARACHI - Heartening to hear about Haris's health and treatment and we extend him best wishes. At the same time we refute reports that have incorrectly implied K-Electric's involvement in the matter. Haris slipped from a height and came in contact with power lines during the fall. No reports of any broken wires came from the location of the accident. Power lines are designed to carry current and it is therefore extremely important to stay away from them as well other related infrastructure such as poles and PMTs.

Unfortunately, at the accelerated rate at which Karachi is growing alongside unchecked and unplanned development, the right of way of utility infrastructure is being violated as well as building codes and fire safety protocols giving birth to serious potential hazards.  KE has identified hundreds of such encroached spaces to relevant authorities, including some where power poles and PMTs have been absorbed into private premises which also creates impediments in repair and maintenance of the network.

A serious combined effort needs to be undertaken by all concerned to eliminate these hazards, curb encroachments, ensure right of way for all utility services and enforce basic urban development protocols in a planned manner.