Dengue has been creating havoc in Pakistan. Nearly 8,933 dengue cases have been reported across the country this year. Meanwhile, it caused sixteen lives this year.

Reportedly, 2,132 cases were reported from Sindh, 2,076 from Punjab, 1,772 from Balochistan, 1,612 from KPK, 1206 from the federal capital and 92 from AJK. Islamabad and Rawalpindi have been horrendously hit by the disease, while 43 cases were reported in Punjab from other provinces.

Dengue female mosquitoes transmit infection in human that leads to high fever and suffering. This mosquito hitting also leads to Chikungunya, Yellow Fever and Zika infection.

Despite several struggles government is still failed in eliminating dengue in the country. Now, the disease need full concentration since it has crossed the limit as 9000 cases are not less.