KARACHI     -    A team of experts at Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) has prepared anti-snake venom (ASVs) vaccine.

The experts have conduct­e successfu test o th anti-snak veno vaccin an applie fo licenc t th Dru Regulator Au­thori y f Pakist n (DRAP , officia s said.

Approximate y 40,0 0 snakebit s a e report d n Pakist n ea h yea , whi h cla m ov r 10,0 0 liv s an­nual y, putt ng he coun ry am ng he op of he glo al snakeb te mortal ty l st al ng w th fel ow So th As an countr es Ind a, Ne pal and Sri Lanka.

Paki tan imp rts 50 000 ASV v als ach y ar, ac­co di g to sources

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Ac or ing to eport snak v nom is resp nsi le for c aiming 81 000 to 38,00 lives g oball every y ar.

Th Sin h Hig Cour ( HC) in Augu t th s y ar had rde ed the pro incial health dep rt ent to ro­vi e f nds for co pl tio of the Sakrand La or ­tor of A ti Sn ke enom and An i Rabie V ccine in Nawabshah.

P titione p ead d to he c urt tha th lab was es tabl s ed ove a d cad a o, ut it has still no pr ­duced t e vac ine which ar curr ntly bei g ro­ided by he Nation l nsti­t te of Hea th Science , s­lam bad He ited the va t shortage of an i-snak ve ­om (ASVs) nd anti- abies ac ines (