ISLAMABAD      -     The fear of losing job took life of Rawalpindi Region Curator Wajid Hussain’s life, as a fatal cardiac arrest resulted in Wajid’s death on the spot.

According to sources, Wajid had been working at Pindi Cricket Stadium for the last several years. After new setup was announced by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), more than 250 employees were sacked by the PCB without even paying salaries. The board announced two months contracts for employees in October, but after more than two weeks, the employees were not paid their salaries. Fear of losing job and uncertain situation put Wajid under enormous pressure, as he was not paid salary for last three months, the sources added.

The people close to Wajid informed this scribe that for the last several days, Wajid was looking very tensed and was not talking to fellow employees. Despite the fact that he was a very jolly person and everybody was full of praise for his behavior. The pressure finally takes its toll, as Wajid suffered massive heart attack on Wednesday and died on the spot.

Wajid had left a widow and a daughter. He was the younger brother of famous cricket organiser Sajid Shah. It is hoped that the PCB high-ups will take notice of the untimely death of Wajid and save the lives of more than 250 workers or else the board will be held responsible if any untoward incident occurs again.

Meanwhile, the PCB, in a statement, said: “The PCB is saddened with the news of curator Wajid Shah’s passing as it respects and values all those officials who work and contribute for the betterment of cricket.

“While the PCB is in the process of fulfilling its commitment of paying two months salaries to all the 243 curators, it is important to note, remember and understand that the 243 curators were the employees of the ground owners, while the role of the PCB was to only pay their salaries on behalf of the 16 regions through which they were employed,” it added.