Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is in new York to attend the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, on Sunday, held important meeting during which he discussed Kashmir, Afghanistan and others issue.

The premier met Kumi Naidoo secretary General of Amnesty International, discussed the worsening human rights situation in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) with him. Khan appreciated the lead role of amnesty International in presenting the real state human right IOK and amplifying the voices of Kashmiri population in state of seven-week long lockdown. The amnesty efforts had helped raise the international community’s awareness about the continuing suffering of the Kashmiri people. Further he highlight the grave situation resulting from Indian’s illegal occupation of IOK and its blatant human rights violation so as to expose the real face of Indian prime minister Narendar Modi’s government to the World. Moreover, Imran khan also had a meeting with the United States special envoy for Afghan peace, Zalmay khalilzed and discussed with him the condition in Afghanistan and resumption of talks between the US and Taliban.

The PM Imran Khan is playing a great role for becoming a peace in Afghanistan and Kashmir, where others are trying to create more problem and making the world worst such as Indian government. But still Imran khan is endeavoring to give Kashmiri rights and bringing peace in Afghanistan, both of issues are the top of the world which needs to solve as soon as possible.