BAGHDAD -Iraqi security forces fired tear gas and live rounds into the air to disperse protesters in central Baghdad on Wednesday as the biggest wave of anti-government demonstrations in decades spread out across the capital. Reuters correspondents said the shootings took place on or near three of Baghdad’s main bridges - Ahrar, Shuhada, and Bab al-Muatham - which have become focal points of the protests. There appeared to be no deaths. At least 27 people sustained tear gas-related injuries, medical and security sources said. Protesters had blocked the Shuhada Bridge over the River Tigris since Tuesday afternoon as part of efforts to bring the country to a standstill, with thousands joining anti-government demonstrations in the capital and southern provinces. They had tried to take Ahrar Bridge on Monday when security forces opened fire, killing at least five. “More youth started gathering so they kept firing tear gas and live bullets. Maybe four were injured. We didn’t do anything but they came and arrested everyone. The youth are peaceful from the start of the sit-in,” Qusay Mahdi, a protester on Shuhada Bridge, said on Wednesday. Security forces were also arresting protesters en masse.