LAHORE - Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar said on Wednesday that opposition’s dream for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s resignation and fresh elections would not come true.

“The opposition’s protest will end soon as just demands of the opposition will be met. The government did not want confrontation and Maulana Fazlur Rehman was a seasoned politician so that he would also have same approach,” he said while talking to lawmakers, PTI local leaders and reps of expat bodies at his office. The governor said the PTI’s economic policies put the country on way to progress and prosperity.

“The people mandated PTI to rule for five years. The government made it clear that no negotiations could take place on such demands. “Government’s dialogue committee is honestly doing its job. It is responsibility of the opposition to abide by the agreement with the government. Highest level during two months and 4.5 percent increase in businesses during three days were observed. The business community was supporting the PTI’s economic policies, he maintained. During a meeting with Heidelberg City Council member Pakistan expatriate in German Waseem Butt, the Governor appreciated the efforts of Waseem Butt for getting a status of UNESCO City of Literature to Lahore and said that Pakistan’s message would be extended to the world through art and literature.


“We would strive hard that more cities of Pakistan would become part of UNESCO Creative City network.