KARACHI      -    Incumbent Karachi University Teachers’ Society (KUTS) President Professor Dr Anila Amber Malik from Karachi University Teachers Forum was reelected for second tenure.

According to the results of annual elections of Karachi University Teachers’ Society 2019-20 University of Karachi, she became president by securing 338 votes while Professor Dr Shah Ali Ul Qadar from Teachers’ Alliance for Good Governance received 266 votes.

Professor Dr SM Taha of KUTF become Vice President and collected 329 votes whereas Dr Maqsood Ali Ansari of TAGG managed to get 282 votes. Dr Moiz Khan from KUTF bagged 376 votes and elected as the Secretary while Dr Abdul Jabar Khan of TAGG received 235 votes.

For the position of treasurer, Dr Muhammad Ali of TAGG got elected by securing 372 votes while Dr Solaha Rahman from KUTF got 243 votes. For the position of Joint Secretary, Dr Ghufran Alam of KUTF bagged 379, highest numbers of, votes while Dr Mohsin Ali from TAGG received 376 votes and both of them were elected as the JS KUTS whereas Dr Waqar Ahmed of TAGG got 224 votes and KUTF’s candidate Dr Basit Ansari received 206 votes.