Muslim world should now awake before it is too late after the harsh statement by Mr. Donald trump who has categorically stated that both India and USA determined to tackle Islamic radicalism as they reckon it terrorism.

Lt. Gen. Pervaiz Musharaf has clarified in one of UN speech during his tenure of presidentship that west should differentiate between terrorism and Jihaad. Well, it is really hard to differentiate between these two as non-Muslims consider fights by civilian religious Muslims as terrorism while Muslims consider it Jihaad which is one of Islam’s sacred deed. Fights in Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan and other Islamic countries is whether Jihaad or not may be ascertained by world’s renowned clerics and jurist but Muslims are fighting for their due rights.

Apart from this argument, need of the hour is to unite by all Muslims countries to tackle non-Islamic radical state sponsored terrorism and without unity it is out of question to tackle such terrorism by worlds’ super power countries like USA and others. Muslim countries should gather on a platform and decide future line of action as it is eminent by trump’s statement that they are now united against Muslims. Muslim countries’ unity has now become indispensable.