KARACHI  -  The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Friday issued its Air Navigation Order (ANO) which defines flight time, duty period and rest requirement of pilots and cabin crew.

The regulations have been established for managing fatigue risk under the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) which provides limitations on flight time, flight duty period and rest requirements, it read.

According to the ANO, the flight time of a pilot will be 9 hours and 12 hours for duty period, whereas, 16 hours will be allowed for pilot during flights on long routes. After completing their duty period, 12-hour rest was declared mandatory for pilots.

The aviation authority made it obligatory on all operators to ensure that all operations are conducted in conformity with fatigue management covered hereafter. It has been directed to operators to establish flight time, duty period limitations and a rest scheme in order to enable it to manage the fatigue of all its flight and cabin crew members.

The operators were also ordered to maintain records of flight and cabin crew and keeping it for 24 months from the date of the last relevant entry of the duties and rest periods for inspections and audit by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).