ISLAMABAD   -  Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Friday said that all conspiracies against democratic government would be failed whereas the opponents of government would face frustration.

Talking to a private news channel, she expressed her complete confidence over the leadership of Chief Minister and said Punjab government was fully committed to serving the masses and no one would be allowed to hinder it.

She further claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan had successfully been leading the nation and country towards the goal of prosperity through economic and political stability.

She added that her government’s allied partners were standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the government whether it is the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) or other political parties, they were determined to put the country on the road to progress.

“Instead of speaking out against the government, and trying to lead the people astray, the opposition should fulfill their role in parliament and help the government in legislation,” she stressed. “With the joint efforts of PTI government and its collision partners we will complete our tenure and will put country on path of progress,” she hoped.

Replying to a query, she also said that she accepted this tremendous responsibility in Punjab and would try and do her level best to deliver according to the wishes of people and for the better future of the province.

“The purpose of every step we take is to promote the welfare of the public,” she said. 

She also expressed the confidence that Punjab province would succeed in achieving the millennium development goals for the progress of its people with active support of its collision partners.

She alleged that the opposition parties during their past regimes totally ruined the national economy and now they were wondering how it had started improving.

Replying another question about GB elections, she said the masses had become politically mature now and they would foil all anti-democratic attempts, adding, PTI government would win the election with majority.

Dr Firdous asserted that the past corrupt elements, already rejected by the masses in last general elections, were fighting for their political survival, adding that there was no space for such elements in politics to deceive the people further for their personal political gains.