ISLAMABAD-Kasa-e-Dil narrates a compelling story of two cousins, Hatim and Somia who have liked each other since childhood and are long waiting to be united. Somia’s aunt who is Hatim’s mother has never been in favour of this relationship and sets on the task of making them grow apart. Meanwhile, a well-established guy Adan loses her heart to Somia at first sight but is unable to express his feelings. Somia’s aunt who is already against Somia begins to defame her by involving Adan’s name and eventually succeeds in doing so as Hatim leaves Somia. Kasa-e-Dil, on the surface, appears to be a love triangle with all the elements of an intriguing tale. The drama revolves around the misunderstandings in relationships that oftentimes lead us to fall apart. The drama is penned down by JehanzibQamar and is directed by Zeeshan Ahmed of ‘Deewangi’ fame.