LAHORE - Punjab Assembly Speaker Ch Parvaiz Elahi has said that the blood of farmers’ leader Ashfaq Langrial will never go waste.

“Whosoever is responsible for his death must be taken to task”, he said while expressing condolence over the demise of farmers’ leader Ashfaq Langrial during police baton charge and shelling on farmers rally.  

In a statement on Friday, Ch Parvaiz Elahi said that it is the government’s job to sort out matters and provide relief to the people. “All governments in the past always gave priority to solve problems of the people. 

Protest is everyone’s democratic right, but what to say of this democracy which curbs the voice of protestors”, he observed. Ch Parvaiz Elahi said that the farmers were responsible citizens of this county. “Farmers’ prosperity is the prosperity of the country. It is, therefore, important that the support price of wheat should be Rs 2,000 per maund”, he asserted. 

He maintained that if the demands of farmers were heard seriously in the beginning, such a big tragedy would not have occurred.

He deplored that instead of trying to control the circumstances through the police, the government should pay attention to solving the problems. “In our tenure, dialogues were held with the protestors and their problems were solved through understanding and wisdom”, he said.