Kylie Minogue reveals her favorite song she’s ever recorded

ISLAMABAD- She’s racked up dozens of hit singles during her three decades in the spotlight. And recently, Kylie Minogue revealed that her favorite song she’s ever recorded is the 2001 dance floor classic Can’t Get You Out of My Head. The 52 year old singer told  that she knew there was something ‘incredible’ about the track as soon as she heard a rough demo. ‘I just had that feeling or that sensation of, “What am I listening to? This is absolutely incredible,”’ she said. The song was offered to Sophie Ellis Baxter and S Club 7 before Kylie picked it up. Can’t Get You Out of My Head, which was included on her album Fever, went on to become one of the defining songs of her career.

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket lights up Florida’s night sky

ISLAMABAD - The night sky lit up over Cape Canaveral, Florida as SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket took off carrying a US Space Force Global Positioning System (GPS) into orbit. The rocket launched at 6:24pm ET, marking the firm’s third GPS launch and its 20th mission for this year. The US Space Force device is joining 31 other satellites orbiting Earth more than 12,000 miles above the surface, which circle our planet twice a day. With seconds left on the clock, mission control said ‘Falcon 9, ignition,’ and the rocket activated its Marlin engines that shot out streams of fire and smoke before soaring up into space.