SWAT    -  Federal Minister for Communications Murad Saeed said on Friday that the opposition parties had gathered on the platform of PDM just to protect their vested interests.

Addressing a mammoth public gathering here at Mingora Grassy Ground, the minister claimed a new era of progress and prosperity had dawned in the country and the elements that had looted the national resources were again out on streets with catchy slogans to spoil the gains, saying people were well aware of the opposition leaders’ tactics and they were not going to be befooled by them this time.

Saeed said it was in people’s knowledge that who had plundered the national resources and taxpayers’ money and purchased luxury apartments in London from them.

The minister further said that ‘evil’ designs of the opposition parties stood exposed at the time of FATF legislation. He claimed the PTI government had adopted zero tolerance towards corruption, adding no NRO would be given to the corrupt elements.

Saeed was of the view that opposition had nothing to do with the problems people were confronted with, and wanted to destabilise the country and weaken democracy through making direct attacks on state institutions, which was unacceptable in a democratic society.

The federal minister for communications said Malakand division was PTI bastion, adding the party would again emerge victorious in the upcoming elections and would form government in all provinces of Pakistan.

The minister said people of KP had unshakable trust in the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan as he was the only leader who could pull the country out of existing challenges and solve people’s problems.

He said Swat expressway was the gift of PTI government for the people of KP, especially for the people of Malakand division, that had brought positive changes in their lives besides promoting economy and tourism in the country.