LAHORE - Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that the opposition has divided itself and the government will not be intimidated by their rallies and protests. 

“Prime Minister Imran Khan is pursuing principled and ideological politics. He will never compromise on his principles. The dangers of corona still exist today. Everyone must fully comply with the SOPs. 

He was talking to various delegations at Governor’s House on Friday after returning from a visit to Dubai. Governor Punjab said that the propaganda of the opposition to make the national institutions controversial and weak is being exposed before the nation and the people at all levels reject opposition’s rhetoric. He said that “I have been saying since day one that the opposition has no ideology. They are all fighting for their own interests and now the division in the opposition is clear.’’  He said they have no political future and added that the people stand by PTI government’s policies and Imran Khan will complete his constitutional term as Prime Minister and the general elections will be held in 2023.

Punjab Governor said that the world is acknowledging the success of the economic policies of the Pakistani government.  The Federal Government’s announcement of abolishing the peak hours cost of electricity and giving concessions on the use of surplus electricity to boost industrialization and increase exports in the country is welcomed. He added that the government has controlled coronavirus due to its successful smart lockdown policy and there is still a need for the people to fully implement SOPs so that corona can be defeated completely.