NEW YORK    -  A squad of US Secret Service agents is heading to former Vice President Joe Biden's home in Wilmington, Delaware, to protect him ahead of the possibility that he will soon declare victory in the presidential election, The Washington Post reported Friday.

The move, which has not been officially confirmed by the Biden camp or the Secret Service, is said to move Biden’s security detail more closely to that expected of a president-elect rather than a candidate. According to the Post, the move came after the Biden campaign told the Secret Service that he could make a major speech as early as Friday.  Biden needs to secure just one more battleground state to claim election victory. Meanwhile, dozens of agents have been providing security for Biden’s campaign at the Chase Center on the Riverfront convention center in Wilmington as key battleground states work their way through the count of millions of ballots cast in Tuesday’s election.

The additional security for Biden that is expected to begin Friday doesn’t give him a full protective detail that accompanies a president-elect, but it moves closer in that direction.  The agency typically ramps up protection for a president-elect immediately after that person has been declared the winner by assigning a new raft of agents to the incoming president.

Historically, that increase in protection has happened late into election night after one candidate has conceded and the other has given a victory speech.

But this year’s race has been marked by a drawn-out vote count and a flurry of unsubstantiated attacks by President Trump on the integrity of the election.

In a tirade delivered from the White House on Thursday night, Trump declared without evidence that “corrupt” state officials were unfairly counting invalid votes in the states where he is behind Biden.