LAHORE - Over 600 Police Stations (PSs) across the Punjab Province including Central Police Office (CPO) were not issued stationery items during the entire month of September, for which an amount of Rs 180 million had been set aside, well-placed sources revealed on Wednesday. The officials at CPO, however, expressed complete ignorance about the situation. The logistic branch responsible for fulfilling the needs of CPO in this regard could not meet the requirements regarding stationery of CPO in September. All the branches at CPO including training branch, operation branch, development branch, registrar branch, establishment branch - both I and III, legal branch and director public relation (DPR) branch were waiting for the stationery till filing of this report. The station house officers (SHOs) in the province have been directed to write on both sides of the paper in order to ensure its proper usage. Directions were also issued to all the SHOs and investigation in-charges between the lines to generate revenue by utilising all available resources in order to fulfil their daily requirements, sources added. According to the sources, all the offices of Additional Inspector Generals of Punjab Police (Addl IGs), Deputy Inspector Generals (DIGs), District Police Officers (DPOs), Senior Superintendent of Police (SSPs), SPs, SPOs, ASPs, SHOs, and other police officials/officers were using stationery items from the funds being issued from the CPO before this unannounced stoppage. Informed sources in police department claimed the higher authorities refused to release funds for the stationery items for the month of September owing to unexplained circumstances. They said the logistic branch of CPO did not approve any tender in this regard in September, and no answer was furnished to any branch for stopping the provision of stationery items. Every office uses stationery wroth over Rs 25,000 per month. The offices of DIGs, SSPs, SPs, SHOs and investigation in-charges are the main consumers of stationery, they added. An assistant inspector general (AIG) seeking anonymity said a top cop at CPO was retiring this year and all the cannons go towards him. Misappropriation of funds is also witnessed in other departments but this kind of stoppage of stationery is unique in the history of CPO, he added. AIG Logistic Branch SSP Sultan Ahmed Chaudhary, however, denied such a situation in the CPO. He said the tender was passed in time and all the branches were receiving stationery on routine basis. Additional Inspector General (Addl IG) Welfare and Finance Punjab Police Aftab Sultan told this scribe that CPO had released online funds for all the 36 districts of the Punjab police from the very month of the current fiscal year. Every DPO concerned is responsible if there is any problem in his district, he added. Aftab Sultan said CPO purchases major items for police as it works on decentralised system.