This has a reference to the recent recommendation of the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Cabinet Committee about the compulsory Pashto teachings in 17 out of 24 districts of the province from Class I to XII. Ironically, the 17 districts include the areas where more than one language are spoken and Kohat is one of them. My native district Kohat is situated in the southern belt of the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. By all accounts, it is a bilingual district where Pashto and Hindko are the two major languages. Hindko language is spoken not only in the urban areas of Kohat but also in several villages. Hindko became more visible in Kohat after Hangu was separated from Kohat and upgraded to full-fledged district. Despite all this the Awami National Party-led KP government wants only Pashto compulsory teaching at schools and colleges in Kohat. The KP Government Cabinet Committee has unfortunately overlooked the mixed population factor while making hasty recommendations for the compulsory Pashto teaching. It would be advisable if the mother language criteria is adopted while introducing compulsory teaching of any language. Pashto and Hindko should be adopted as compulsory subjects for the respective speakers of these two languages in Kohat district instead of forcing Hindko population to learn Pashto language. FAIZAN AHMAD JAN, Kohat, October 3.