PESHAWAR At least 26 NATO oil tankers were burnt to ashes when insurgents targeted them with explosive devices at Khairabad area in district Nowshera on Wednesday night. Parked at Sangham Hotel on Grand Trunk Road in Khairabad, almost 25 to 35 tankers carrying oil for allied forces in Afghanistan were burnt when militants targeted them with bombs. Eyewitnesses said that fire spread within minutes and burnt all the vehicles parked there, saying that about 26 tankers were torched instantly. Police sources, while confirming the happening, said that it was a huge blaze and could not be extinguished with the help of a few fire brigades. They said that they had called district administrations of Mardan, Peshawar, Risalpur and Attock to rush fire brigades to the fire site immediately. However, police sources said that fire was extinguished after hectic efforts and nine tankers were saved. Drivers, cleaners and other people present at the site left for safer places after the fire engulfed their vehicles. Moreover eyewitnesses said that they heard sound of firing from a nearby mountain. Some of the militants who might have taken positions in a hill close to the site later opened fire at the parked oil tankers apparently in a bid to let the vehicles burn totally. No casualty was reported in the incident till filing this report.