KARACHI (Online)-President Asif Ali Zardari has said robust alliance of PPP, MQM and ANP will ensure peace in Karachi stressing that the leaders of the three parties should play the role of a bridge to bring peace to the City. He said this during his meeting with a 32-member delegation at Bilawal House here on Wednesday. 'Struggle will have to be waged against land mafia to ensure peace in the City, he said hoping to get rid of land mafia soon. He directed to start organised action against the land mafia for bringing an end to illegal occupation of lands. Record of all the plots and land at Karachi would be computerised to end the illegal occupation, he added. Builders should evolve plan in collaboration with Sindh government to make Karachi a safe and modern City, he said. Beautiful residential projects be introduced in Karachi so that confidence of people is restored and Dubai like situation is created in Karachi, he underscored. The delegation demanded for the reduction in land regularisation tax and the President assured to resolve this problem. Delegation said if the whole country would pay the flood surcharge than the builders were also ready to pay it.