LAHORE Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt has claimed that England will continue to provide a neutral venue facility as the dispute between England Cricket Board (ECB) and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has been resolved amicably. Speaking to media persons at Lahore airport early Wednesday morning, he said there were some misunderstandings which have been addressed by the two cricket boards. Responding to a query, he said that the decision to lift temporary suspensions of Muhammad Asif, Salman Butt and Muhammad Aamer will be made by the International Cricket Council. Surprisingly, the PCB chief was unaware of the date set by the ICC to hear appeals of the three Pakistani cricketers. However, his return coincided with the reports of widespread changes in the PCB. Rumours were ripe for the last couple of days that the government has decided to sack him after a string of controversies, the most recent being the spot-fixing scandal. We are very pleased with the outcome of this recent visit to London. While I was there I had a positive and productive meeting with Mr. Giles Clarke, Chairman of the ECB, who has consistently shown himself to be a good friend to Pakistan cricket. This allowed us to address a variety of concerns, and to correct any misunderstandings which may have arisen, he said. In particular, I was happy to correct the misunderstanding that I, or anyone at the PCB had made any allegations about members of the England cricket team. The point which I have sought to make from the beginning was that the world of cricket is reeling from a storm of allegations and rumors, and these must be addressed. Many of these recent allegations have concerned the Pakistan cricket team, and these must and will be properly investigated. But, and this was my point, the problem, and the rumors, are not confined to any single country. Those of us who care about the state of cricket in the world today will not flinch from a thorough, uncompromising investigation of any such allegations and rumors, whether they concern Pakistan or any other cricketing nation, and we at the PCB will give any such investigation our fullest cooperation and support. Mr. Giles Clarke has confirmed that he continues in his role as the ICC Pakistan Task Team Chairman., the chairman said There is talk about the federal minister for defence, Chaudary Mukhtar Ahmed having held a meeting with the President recently in which the future of Butt was discussed since the two of them are closely related to each other and Mukhtar is said to have played a key role in getting Butt the key post in the first place two years ago, one source said. An insider in the government pointed out that Butt, whose tenure expires this month, would be told to request the President to relieve him of the board duties due to ill health. Let us see what happens but definitely the situation is not very good for Butt and the President has been advised to instantly form an ad-hoc committee of technocrats and senior officials to run cricket affairs until the 2011 World Cup, the source said. The names of former ICC President Ehsan Mani, a former federal minister for sports, Aftab Shah Jillani, a Pakistan Peoples Party stalwart, Tufail Sheikh are being circulated as those who will be in the new set up. But Mani said that so far no one had made any offer to him to either to work as Chairman of the board or to be on an advisory committee. If Pakistan cricket requires my services I will be willing to help out. All that Pakistan cricket needs to stabilize is just good leadership that is all, Mani said. Since the spot fixing scandal broke out on Pakistan teams tour to England, former players and critics have all blamed Butt for mishandling the entire affair.