Every Pakistani agrees with the state, that it must levy tax on the rich to overcome our present financial crisis especially in the wake of floods. Further taxing the salaried class, or the minority that are regular taxpayers is unjust. According to former Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin, pilferage of tax revenues alone amounts to over Rs 600 billion to Rs 700 billion. Add to this the evasion of import duty of several billions because of smuggling such as the 11,000 so called ISAF containers missing, which were cleared on fake documents by customs at KPT in Karachi. Indirect taxation has already added to inflation and further aggravated the problems of lower middle class and retired persons. This government has already catered to the welfare of feudal lords by raising the support price of agriculture produce like wheat, rice, sugar etc. Similarly the CCP powers have been diluted to facilitate the sugar and other cartels. It is time the government levied a tax on luxury vehicles owned mostly by tax evaders. Efforts should be made by the government to arrest the massive corruption in state owned corporations and ensure that all loan defaulters return their dues back. It is a pity that traders owning huge retail stores in the market pay nominal tax. These tax evaders should be forced to pay their due share. Land belonging to the state and its autonomous entities such as railways, which was given on lease for peanuts, should be confiscated and sold to the highest bidder to generate funds. There should be a complete freeze on allotment of subsidized expensive real estate to paid servants of the state. Only after the state has taken these measures can it justify levying more tax on those already in the tax net. MALIK T ALI, Lahore, October 6.