KARACHI The energy sector - power, gas and oil - has suffered huge financial losses of Rs 5.430 billion in recent floods in the province of Sindh, sources informed TheNation. The official data of flood related damages assessed by Sindh Planning and Development Department, with the help of companies concerned showed that Wapda/HESCOs infrastructure suffered severe damages as grid stations, transmission lines and transformers in various areas of the province were still under floodwaters. The details of the financial losses showed that power sector suffered a total Rs 2.721 billion loss due to damages to the grid stations, 132 KV lines and other infrastructure of HESCO. However, detail of floods related damages to oil sector, which communicated by Shell and PSO companies to Sindh Government, estimating financial losses at Rs 27 million. The floods related damages report, prepared by Sindh Planning and Development Department, which also been submitted to the Federal Government, shows a total financial losses of Rs 447 billion to the province of Sindh. The gas component of energy sector losses, compiled by the OGDC and communicated to Sindh Government, showed Rs 465.2 million losses in terms of damages occurred to gas and oil facilities during recent floods. SSGC estimated flood related losses at Rs 1.989 billion, while SNGPL showed its financial losses at Rs 227.66 million. The Sindh Government attached the word provisional data, saying that all the damages are initial/provisional which will be estimated after recession of water in the areas as such facilities at above infrastructure are under water at present. The sector-wise details showed that equipment and infrastructure of 118 grid stations including 132 KV lines in Thul, Karmpur, Khanpur Mahar, Dahrki, Garhi Khero, Fareedabad, and Sujawal have been damaged in recent floodwaters. According to report, the seven grid station of HESCO were still under flood water, however the complete detail of damages will be intimated after recession of flood water. The HESCO has counted its financial losses on the basis of estimated cost of HT line per KM with Rs 0.750 million, LT line per KM with Rs 0.650 million, average cost of per transformer with Rs 0.3 million and estimated cost per connection with Rs 0.35 million. On the other side, the damages assessment from Pakistan SINGPL showed that it has suffered net loss of Rs 227.655 million due to flood devastation. SINGPL estimated the revenue loss from direct sales (with average price of Rs310/MMBTU) at Rs 850.275 million to the facility of bulk gas distribution stations including SMS Sanwan, Qadirpur, Kandhkot, Chachar, Hassan, Zamzama. However, loss of raw material/products purchased (average price of Rs227/MMMBTU) has been estimated at Rs 622.62 million due to floodwaters. Similarly, Oil and Gas Development Company Pvt submitted report to the Sindh Government, showing floodwaters losses estimated at Rs 465.2 million in Sindh. The company reported that OGDCLs Tando Alam Oil Complex faced Rs 203 million. Similarly, rig at Qadirpur Field suffered Rs 38.7 million owing to damage caused to rig equipment and camp. However, Pakistan State Oil Company Ltd has submitted report with the Sindh, showing that total 7 patrol stations have been suffered damages due to floods, leaving million of rupees of financial losses to the company. Meanwhile, Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd in its report of flood related damages in Balochistan and Sindh showed that company suffered Rs 1.972 billion. The losses are related to gas fields and other network of company. The Company said that its Gas pipelines of 39,000 KMs suffered damages due to floodwaters, of which 900 KMs pipelines were damaged completely.