ISLAMABAD Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani in the National Assembly said that the government has to slash the budget to create space of Rs 350 billion for reconstruction and rehabilitation of flood victims. Responding to the opposition leader, Premier Gilani said that Ministry of Finance had already been asked to reprioritise the budget. The provinces are also reprioritising their budgets, he said. The Government has already provided Rs 20,o00 to the flood victims while Rs 80,000 more would be provided as the effectees could reconstruct their homes, he informed the House. The Prime Minister said that Rs 350 billion would be required for rehabilitation and reconstruction. He said that not only the federal government but the provincial governments also had stopped development projects due to budget prioritisation after floods. After the 18th amendment, the resources were handed over to provinces for development projects and the federal government from its PSDP will never cut funds of Balochistan, he said. He ensured the House that Balochistan would get its due share. Responding to the points of order of Opposition Leader, Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan and Pakistan Muslim League-Q parliamentarian Ameer Muqam, Prime Minister said that an amount of Rs 11 billion was the original budget of ERRA and another Rs 11 billion were added to the amount of which 10 per cent was released to the ERRA. He said that 5 billion rupees would soon be released to ERRA. Gilani said that his financial team was presently in Brussels for talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and as soon as Finance Minister returned, the meeting of ERRA would be convened to discuss the matter. Earlier, speaking on a point of order, Leader of Opposition Ch Nisar Ali Khan said that the government had failed to pay heed to the resolution passed by Balochistan Assembly unanimously protesting the freezing of Balochistans development funds by the federal government. The resolution was passed by the assembly of that province where PPP runs government, he said asking the Prime Minister to take immediate notice of said resolution. He suggested the federal government to take funds from Punjab and other provinces but appease the people and assembly of Balochistan. Severely criticising federal government for holding funds of ERRA, Nisar said that in the name of flood-affectees, the funds for the reconstruction of earthquake-hit areas had been frozen. He said the dwellers and MPs from Hazara Division had great disgust over the move. Repeating PML-Ns demand for Musharrafs trial under Article-6, Ch Nisar said that former presidents recent remarks were badly damaging Pakistans interests. Musharrafs statement regarding militants sponsoring by Pakistan for occupied Kashmir served Indian interests, he said urging the Prime Minister to take notice of Musharrafs statements and try him under Article-6 of the constitution. He said a PML-Q female parliamentarian had told him that Musharraf was a characterless man. Ameer Muqam said that the funds of ERRA had been frozen by the federal government and the said step had caused great anguish among earthquake affectees of Bilgit-Baltistan. PML-N and PML-Q also staged a token walkout from the house over freezing development funds of Balochistan and ERRA. Later PML-N and PML-Q jointly walked out from the House against the blockage of funds to ERRA.