LAHORE A bruised and battered senior staff member of the Indian High Commission, who was rushed to a clinic in the Diplomatic Enclave for medical treatment on September 19, has been shifted to New Delhi the very next morning in critical condition under tight security. According to the medical sources, the surreptitious attitude of the Indian High Commission staff and the nature of injuries suggest that Kailash Chand Meena was tortured methodically during interrogation. Kailash, while showing signs of mental disorientation as well, was moved to the high commission in late hours the same night. The sources revealed that the Indian staff accompanying Kailash refused to provide details about the incident. Keeping in view his condition, the doctors had suggested that he should be admitted in the clinic for detailed investigations and treatment but the Indian staff members refused to do so. The injuries on the body parts of Kailash revealed that he had been roughed up during interrogation by the Indian High Commissions vigilance staff. Given the state of paranoia at the Embassy, it is most probable that the injured staffer has been moved to India for further interrogation, the sources added. It has also been disclosed that in the backdrop of arrest of Second Secretary Press Indian High Commission Islamabad Madhuri Gupta, on the charges of spying for Pakistani intelligence agencies in April earlier this year, the Indians have taken extensive counter measures to stop any such recurrence. As a result, services of scores of Pakistani employees at IHC have been terminated under one or the other pretexts. Moreover, a number of their own employees have come under clouds of suspicion subject to interrogation. Janadhran Singh, First Secretary Economic Affairs (IB Cover officer), had interrogated Kailash on September 19. He was brutally beaten, detained and kept under mental stress that resulted in his nervous breakdown, a senior medical officer privy to the development disclosed to the reporter on Wednesday. When his condition further deteriorated, sources believed, he was evacuated to India under supervision of a doctor and guards on September 20. The diplomatic sources revealed that after the arrest of Madhuri Gupta on the charges of unauthorised leaking of information, the atmosphere within the high commission is quite tense.