ISLAMABAD Continuing with brutality to suppress the freedom movement in Indian Kashmir, the Indian forces have again started using UNs blue helmets to give the impression that United Nations peacekeeping forces are behind the tortures on peaceful protestors in the valley. Sources in United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations (UNDPKO) told TheNation that Indias Border Security Force (BSF) and Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBT) force had extensively used blue helmets during last few weeks in a bid to suppress the unprecedented uprising in IHK. A spokesperson of UNDPKO told this scribe that the UN had taken up the matter with BSF, a couple of days back. According to the spokesperson, the blue helmets that carry UN inscriptions and are used by UNDPKO, were used by the BSF and ITBT to disperse the massive protests in Srinagar on September 13, September 17 and Indian forces repeatedly used those helmets on October 5 when the entire IHK valley had observed Quit Kashmir day. The UN is yet to receive a reply from BSF and ITBT in this regard. In addition, there are reports that Indian forces have distributed fake pamphlets and handouts on 'behalf of UN that urged the Kashmiri 'militants to give up arms and surrender their loyalties to the government of India. When enquired from UNDPKO spokesperson on this issue, the official said that UNs Military Observer Group that was based in Sanwar, Srinagar, had very restricted movement since August. Theres no question that UN officials visited Srinagar city and distributed such pamphlets, TheNation was told. Back on August 10, UN had protested with India over the use of the UNs blue helmets by Indias Rapid Action Force during crackdown on protests held in favour of independence of IHK from India. In August, BSF and RAF were using blue helmets and after UNs protest, Indian forces had stopped this practice for the time being. The four-month long curfew in IHK has crippled the economic fibre of the valley. The export industry has reportedly suffered huge economic losses amounting in billions of rupees. Talking to TheNation, member and former convenor All Parties Hurriyat Conference Sheikh Yousuf Naseem said that 60 per cent of the IHKs net annual exports were related to fruit industry. He said that the ripen fruits of apple, pomegranate, pear, apricot, peach and walnuts grown in fruit farms across the IHK valley could not be plucked from trees due to the imposition of curfew and thousands of kilograms of fruit had gone in waste. IHK is known across the world for its rich variety of fruits but this year the entire fruit industry suffered irreparable losses. The fruits went rotting in the farms, he said. India wants to frustrate the brave Kashmiris by keeping them away from schools, colleges, universities and economic activities but their spirit is unflagging. If India thinks that its coercive tactics can work in Kashmir, its seriously mistaken, Yousuf added.