KARACHI - Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) signed on Wednesday a Memorandum of Understanding with Karachi Urban Transport Corporation (KUTC) for exploring the options of providing electricity for Karachi Circular Railway. The KCR will be revived as a modern commuter system to meet the essential transportation need of the citizens of Karachi. The revival of KCR will ultimately change the face of Karachi and the city will enter into a new era of much awaited mass transit system. The total route length of the dual tracks on the Karachi Circular Railway Project Stage-I and Stage-II would be 43.12 kilometres (Karachi City to NIPA - 22.86 kilometres and NIPA to Karachi City Station and along mainline - 20.26 kilometres) with 24 stations. Trains will be operated at 6 minutes interval with carrying capacity of 942 to 1391 passengers per train, 18840 to 30602 passengers per hour and 0.69 million passengers per day. The entire KCR project will be provided with electric traction infrastructure and modernised signalling and telecommunication system. For the power requirement of KCR project, the signing of MoU will open dialogue between KESC and KUTC for the provision of electric power of about 120 megawatts for the project. By executing MoU, KESC intends to explore the option of supplying electricity to KUTC on best efforts basis for the KCR project and KUTC intends to purchase the same. KESC is in the process of expanding its generation facilities in Karachi and intends to provide adequate supply of electric power to the KCR project upon its completion and operation in 2014. Karachi Urban Transport Corporation is the implementation authority established to manage and execute the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) project. The project is to be funded by Government of Japan. The KCR stations will have latest facilities of computerized ticketing, automated ticket gates, vending machines and elevators. Banks, post offices, book shops, utility kiosks for water, electricity, gas, utility bills, NADRA offices, libraries/reading rooms, restaurants, fast food corners, parking lots etc. Buses will be operated to and from KCR stations to facilitate passengers from different destination also.