UP until now, the PML-N has been making it quite clear that its principled stand on democracy forbids it to rock the boat, hence also posing itself as an anchor for the Zardari Administration. At the end of the day, however, it has only emboldened the federal government not to repent its ways and led it to overestimate the degree of its popularity and strength. President Zardaris constant refrain these days is that since the PML-N is with the PPP, nothing could pose a threat to its rule. On Tuesday he boasted that he had full backing of the PML-N and went as far as churning out a wildly improbable story that he had nothing to do with the NRO. Actually, the PPP has taken Mian Nawaz Sharifs approval for democracy as a passport to continue with bad governance. The government has been in power for more than two years now; yet the country has failed to get out of the horrible mess it finds itself in. The fact that it is incompetent can be seen from the way things have further deteriorated. It is finally time for the PML-N to realise that it cannot both support the government and publicly denounce it for corruption at the same time; a line has to be drawn somewhere. It would have to take a categorical stance on the NRO verdict particularly the question of presidential immunity and whether in its opinion the Supreme Court had the authority to interpret it. There is no doubt that the PML-N has itself been vocal about the sad state of affairs; it has been talking about how the central governmenthas beenindulging in corrupt practices or how ithas secretly given a nod to the US to violate the countrys sovereignty. But the question to the PML N is whether it has covertly given its assent to these aspects of the PPP government?Additionally, the PML-Nhas been making a noise about the dilemma of the poor masses, who are being callously neglected by the PPP government. So when the PML-N says that it would not commit itself to any course of action that could harm the existing civilian government, it must also make it clear whether it actually means overlooking all the governments wrongdoings in the name of democracy?