ISLAMABAD - NA body on Petroleum and Natural Resources has expressed severe dismay over deregulation policy of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) price which was resulting in manipulation of LPG producers to mint money from the consumes. NA body which met on Wednesday with Member National Assembly (MNA) Barjees Tahir in chair, noted that prices of all other products including Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and petroleum products were being regulated to stabilize prices in market. However, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) official Sarmad Aslam said that there was no way between de-regulated and regulated mechanism of LPG prices. Why government has adopted policy to follow de-regulated price mechanism for LPG, Barjees Tahir questioned. But officials of Petroleum Ministry remained failed to respond the logic behind this unique policy. However, Additional secretary Petroleum Ministry Ejaz Chaudhry proposed to hold meeting with independent experts to review existing LPG pricing mechanism. He said that government was following the policy of uniformed LPG price. Local production is not enough to meet the domestic requirements and local producers will manipulate market for benefits if maximum cap for LPG price is removed, he said adding that it will hurt the importers. It is also relevant to mention that this body of National Assembly grilled LPG marketing companies, which had failed to control their distributors to sell LPG at announced rates. NA body was also informed that LPG price for October 2010 was Rs 663 per domestic cylinder and Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had set reasonable price at Rs 1,030 per domestic cylinder that raised serious concern among the sub-committee members. Spokesman LPG Association Pakistan (LPGAP) proposed that government should issue licenses to distributors by OGRA so that fines could be imposed on them rather than LPG marketing companies in case of violation. But OGRA official Sarmad Aslam said that LPG marketing companies authorised distributors and therefore LPG marketing companies were responsible for manhandling by distributors. Here, it is important to note that in last three months LPG marketing companies have reportedly increased LPG prices on their own at nine different times only to mint undue money that has further added miseries to the consumers of far flung areas of the country without issuance of any notification from OGRA. It is also reported that cartelisation in LPG sector is due to the flawed deregulation policy of LPG prices needed to be resolved according to the larger interest of the people and the country of Pakistan.