LONDON - PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif Wednesday said the Kashmir dispute had remained at the top of their agenda without making any compromise over the issue. He rejected Gen (r) Pervez Musharrafs latest statement about the Lahore Declaration, saying the Kashmir issue was not sidelined. Talking to TheNation after his arrival in London, Nawaz said some people were claiming that the nuclear tests were conducted on their pressure, adding that Gen Jahangir Karamat was commanding the Army in May 1998, and Musharraf, at that time, could not even attend meetings concerning national security. He said Musharraf had crafted the NRO and responsible for all related matters because the ordinance could not have been issued without his signature. When asked about registering cases against Musharraf, Nawaz remarked that he had no personal interest in the matter. Everyone knew who had violated the constitution. He said the former general was not serious in returning to Pakistan and issuing meaningless statements, which he (Nawaz) considers unworthy to be replied. Earlier, local leadership of the PML-N warmly greeted Nawaz, who was also accompanied by his wife Kalsoom Nawaz, at the airport.