LAHORE - The Punjab Local Government (Amendment) Bill 2010 on Wednesday was laid at the Punjab Assembly, and it was referred to the Standing Committee concerned. With the amendment introduced in the section 150, the Election Commission shall conduct the local government elections and the election Commission may authorise the Chief Election Commissioner, a member of the Election Commission or any of its officers to exercise any of its powers and to perform any of its functions. According to the statement of objects and reasons to introduce the Bill, consequent upon amendments in the Constitution by the Constitution (Eighteen Amendment) Act 2010, it has become necessary to bring the provision of Punjab Local Government Ordinance-2001 in conformity with Article 140-A of the Constitution. The statement further said that the Election Authority is no more required and elections to local governments are now constitutionally required to be conducted by the Election Commission. It said that the time line of 180 days for the announcement of the date of election of the local govts stood expired. The complex and time consuming task of framing new legislation on the subject of local govts is in progress, it added. Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan referred the Bill to the Standing Committee with the directions to submit the report by November 30. Law Minister Rana Sanaullah also laid three reports including a report on the Observance and Implementation of Principles of Policy in Relation to Affairs of Punjab for the year 2008, Annual Performance Reports of Punjab Bait-ul-Mal Council for the year 2008 and 2009 and the Annual performance Report of Punjab office of the Ombudsman for the year 2009. Earlier responding to an adjournment motion moved by Rai Ijaz Hussain, the Law Minister informed the house that the sugar mill owners had paid 86 percent of the payment to the sugar cane growers. He assured that rest of the payment would also be made before start of the fresh crushing seasons. Out of 45 sugar mills, 16 mills have paid 100 percent, 10 mills have paid 95 percent, while 19 have paid 90 percent of the outstanding payments to the sugar cane growers. Cane Commissioner is also making efforts in this regard, he said, while informing the House that the Commissioner had served 442 legal notices, 42 show-cause notices to the owners, and for non-compliance of orders, 90 cases had also been registered. Rana Iqbal summoned the Commissioner on Thursday. The Commissioner should ensure timely payment to the small growers to avoid any financial problems to them, he demanded. All the Privilege and Adjournment motions were pended with the consent of the movers.