GENERAL Musharrafs political antics in London since he announced his new political party were seen by most in Pakistan as amusing, if somewhat full of fanciful expectations. However, he has now crossed the red line by making a statement about Pakistan training Kashmir freedom fighters that is irresponsible and damaging to Pakistan. As someone who was not only COAS but also President, he was privy to many confidential pieces of information which he was sworn to keep confidential even after leaving office. Instead, for his own bizarre reasons, he has now apparently gone public on a most sensitive issue and India has jumped at the opportunity offered. His statement is nothing less than a betrayal of Pakistan and a violation of the Official Secrets Act and a charge of treason can justifiably be brought against him on this count alone. He certainly should come back to Pakistan and face these charges. However, the damage he has done to Pakistan is immeasurable. Worse still, he has made a declaration without any substantiation in terms of proof. But for India the remark on Kashmir and Pakistan has come as a golden opportunity to say: We told you so to the rest of the international community. The Foreign Office in Islamabad has correctly rubbished the Musharraf remarks but the damage has been done. As for Musharrafs logic that Pakistan trained Kashmir fighters because the West had stopped supporting the UNSC resolutions this is surely a figment of his imagination. This logic has never been put forward officially by any authority in Pakistan because it does not support our position on Kashmir and the UNSC resolutions. After all, Pakistans official position has been and still is, that UNSC resolutions need to be implemented which means it wants the West to support them not simply to move away from them itself. That would be self-defeating and Pakistan has not made this move which would undermine its own position as party to the Kashmir dispute. Why Musharraf has been unable to comprehend this basic point is inexplicable given that he was in power long enough to not only be privy to state policies but also their logic. Or was his purpose to provide ammunition to India for its anti-Pakistan agenda? If nothing else did so, the Kashmir remark shows how unfit Musharraf is to come anywhere near the corridors of power. But this is not enough. The Pakistan government needs to demand his extradition so that he can be tried for his many sins that he continues to commit against the Pakistani people and their state.