Pakistan is one of those countries in the world today where justice is elusive, be it social, economic, administrative, environmental, civil or criminal justice. I often hear from members of our legal- judicial fraternity, parliament, media and the civil society that ours is a country where justice system is rotten to the core.

All countries face crimes and criminals but they have a strong police and an excellent judicial system to uphold law. In Pakistani society the common man faces crimes on all levels, as we have a government that does not implement any laws. Hardly a day passes when we do not hear about some organized or serious crime happening. Regrettably this situation has affected the very fabric of Pakistani society. The question is how much have we contributed to create a just society instead of the present unjust and biased society?

Since our criminal justice has faults and flaws, why is no sincere effort made, by the relevant ‘State’ organizations to rectify the Criminal Justice System in the country? Indeed, all of us have to rewrite our character and have to contribute to create a just society- because no nation can make any progress if there is no justice in the country.


Islamabad, October 04.