I grew up hearing a notion that ‘Larkana’ was Bhutto’s city and as such it would be transformed into a city like Paris. Ayub Khan made Rehana (his home town) into a progressive city so did Yusuf Raza Gillani, who reconstructed the map of Multan, but unfortunately the Bhutto empire went out when Mir was Murdered. Now the so called descendents have turned this city into "Moen-jo-Daro."

The old drainage system is worse than Moen-jo-Daro, it has literally drowned the city. Its streets are littered with filth and mud everywhere. Rains instead of Allah’s blessing have become a wrath for the residents, as sewerage water streams out on roads and even inundate the houses. Due to lack of infrastructure, two to three hours continuous rainfall turns Larkana into Venice. Its roads cannot even be called as "in bad shape", they are in worst shape.

In absence of traffic signals, vehicles here run on the roads like wild cattle, horses and cars are found locking-horns with each other, as there are single-track roads. Street lights are a far cry. Does this city which is the home-town of two former prime ministers of Pakistan, and founder of PPP, the party which has been ruling Sindh since 2008, deserves this?


Larkana, September 25.