We as a nation have become insensitive. We carry out protests for loadshedding and CNG but we have never raised voice, as a nation, against the barbaric act of child and women abuse. We hear strong condemnation soon after the incidents, we also hear about suo motto notices taken by our respectable judiciary, but then what happens?

The basic reason behind this growing tendency is promotion of vulgarity and lack of swift and just punishment system. If you recall just a few days back a 17 years old son of a senior army General in China was sentenced to 12 years in jail for raping a woman along with his companions. Had we made a couple of culprits an example, others would have been warned automatically. Govt needs to implement the law according to Islam, ‘Death Sentence ‘for rapists and killers, and they should be all public hangings!


Rawalpindi, October 05.