A teacher is a doctor-maker, an engineer-maker, a scientist-maker, a poet-maker, and whatnot.” “A teacher is a ladder which stays in its own place but helps others climb up.”These are some of the most prominent lines we remember from our academic essays on “The Role of a Teacher” since high grade right up to graduation.

The saying goes that a teacher is next to parents in respect, but what about teachers in Pakistan? Are they given the enumeration, respect that is appropriate or any social and official status that they deserve? The answer is ‘No’.

Are they makers of a nation or leaders? The answer would be another no. Are they really a strong ladder which the young raise to knowledge, do they develop morals, and give positive feedback to the students? I would say no. Is teaching as important a profession like doctors, engineers, scientists etc.? The answer is ‘No’. The international ‘Teacher’s Day’ is yet another occasion which makes us realize the pitiable condition of our teachers’ their financial problems, lack of authority, even in the class room and institute, frighteningly non-professional selection criterion for teachers, sheer injustice towards education at government level and as a result teachers’ inability to discharge their duties.

Education is among the most ignored departments in our country, how shocking! Teachers—“the nation builders”—are considered the most dispensable professionals in our country and that’s why no wonder we are mentally a lost nation having neither worldly progress nor moral strength. Pakistan is likely to keep suffering what it is facing today until and unless teachers, among some other key professionals, face the fate they have been experiencing since the inception of this country.


Islamabad, October 04.