This refers to news item, 'Sindh to ban Skype, Viber, and Tango’, Oct. 04. In my opinion such a ban is another sign of inept failure and incompetency of Sindh government to apprehend terrorists, extortionists, target killers and criminals in a professional way, now they are looking for shortcuts. Not long ago government banned YouTube citing objectionable material on the website, later such a ban was supported by conservative judiciary as well; what is the outcome, YouTube is still available through so many other applications.

Same will be the case of this proposed ban on web based communication platforms, Skype, Tango, Viber and WhatsApp. If someone thinks that such a ban will disrupt the communication among criminals they perhaps need to get some technical education. The criminals and the terrorists are more educated and well trained than our Parliamentarians who spend millions to win elections but don’t spend any money on getting an education!

Pakistan is flooded with thousands of illegal SIMs which are used by criminals with impunity; what' government taking any action, other than threatening announcements, which even the criminals now take as just blowing hot air. A number of extortion victims in Karachi received calls from Afghanistan phone network, why is such a communication facility not tracked and suspended? There is no control on sale of ‘Ammonium Nitrate’ which is used for making explosives; it's available for anyone be they the bomb makers or farmers.

Apparently instead of doing some tough tasks, government has chosen another easy way out, following Rehman Malik and his famous closing of cell phone services. This government will ban everything except for banning the terrorist’s activities.

Obviously there is uproar on social media against this proposed ban. I was astonished to read a Tweet by People's Party' chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, wherein he addressed Karachites as 'Dear Burgers' while defending this ban. These remarks from head of a political party, which claims to represent all sections of society all across the country need no more comments as it shows the true picture of our rulers and ‘to-be-rulers’. One would expect that sanity will prevail and government will go for some real action instead of waging a war on Internet.


Jubail, October 05.