On August 13, 1947 the biggest and the most lethal weapon one could carry was a pen-knife. Today everyone who is any one carries the most modern, sophisticated and lethal weapons without any worries. On August 13, 1947 if someone killed another person they would be hanged or awarded life imprisonment. Today they are killing 100s and getting away with it. On August 13, 1947 the patwari-thanedar duo dare not do what they are doing today. On August 13 1947 milk could be bought in pure form. Today milk is a chemical brew (a German lab found 9 chemicals in a sample of milk sold in Pakistan) On August 13, 1947 groceries could be bought in unadulterated form. Today they are sprayed with lethal acids.

On August 13, 1947 no one ever heard of fake medicines, fake doctors, fake degrees etc. but today Pakistan is more akin to Fake-istan than anything else, where almost everything is a fake or a counterfeit. On August 13, 1947 there were no mafia organizations. Today a mafia organization is found under every stone that one turns over. Is this why we created Pakistan to give opportunity to all the criminals to collect under the green flag and commit crimes against humanity with impunity?


Islamabad. October 05.