Since independence India has used coercion and aggression (both Overt and Covert), as instrument of state policy. Soon after Independence, it raided several princely states and annexed them including Hyderabad and Junagarh (which wanted to join/ had joined Pakistan). The state of Jammu and Kashmir, an over whelmingly Muslim majority State, was also forcibly occupied - negating the very principle of partition, which was based on contiguous Muslim majority provinces/states joining to form Pakistan. India claimed that the Hindu maharaja – (who was on the run because of Kashmiris’ revolt) had signed Instrument of Accession with India. However, the council of Independent jurists at Geneva had debunked that claim. India later admitted that it had misplaced the Instrument of Accession!

The Kashmiris, from time to time, had been revolting against the forcible occupation of their land by 700,000 strong Indian Armed forces (highest concentration of force anywhere in the world). So far over 100,000, Kashmiris had been killed and more than 10,000 of their women had been gang raped. Lately, the Kashmiri youth have risen yet again, defying curfew for the last three months, protesting and seeking freedom from the Indian yoke. In this latest struggle, over 100 youth have so far been killed, some 500 have lost their eye - sights (from the pellet shots fired by the Indian forces), and thousands have been seriously injured and interned. If all these facts do not qualify India as a terrorist state, then pray what else would?

Presently, there are at least ten insurgencies going on within India and oppressed minorities are being ruthlessly crushed. In the past, the holiest shrine of Sikhs at Amritsar was bombarded and desecrated; the 500 year old Babri Mosque at Delhi was demolished; two thousand innocent Muslims had lost their lives in Gujrat under Mr. Modi’s watch when he was the Chief Minister (He had allegedly told his Senior Police Officers to stay away and let the Hindus run the riot). If all those terrible actions do not qualify India as a terrorist state then pray what else would?

After near humiliation in ’65 Indo-Pak war, India decided on the “Strategy of Indirect approach” and established an agency called RAW (WAR when spelt in reverse), to undermine Pakistan from within, through clandestine operations by its hired “thugs”. The Span of its operations included isolating Pakistan on diplomatic front; making propaganda on National and International media to malign Pakistan as a terrorist State; creating political unrest within Pakistan to destabilize it! Above all, to undermine Pakistan’s economy through such operations.

RAW’S first task was to master-mind the breakaway of East Pakistan. The results it achieved were beyond its wildest expectations – partly because of our own stark stupidities. It was initially claimed that “Mukti Bahini”; the Bengali youth armed and trained by India had liberated “East Pakistan”. However, later some retired Indian Generals came out with the truth and mentioned in their memoirs that it was actually the Indian Armed forced which had “liberated” the Eastern wing of Pakistan. It was finally revealed officially by P.M Modi himself, during his visit to Bangladesh, when he publically declared that it was indeed the Indian Armed forces which were fully involved in the aggression against “East Pakistan”. Indian support of the armed rebellion and its subsequent blatant aggression without provocation was in total disregard of the UN Charter. Were those not acts of terrorism and aggression?

After US/ISAF ousted the (Pro-Pakistan) Afghan Talibans Govt and installed the Govt of the minority Northerners (Anti Pakistan but Pro-India), RAW got the “Second opportunity of the century” to destabilise Pakistan. After entrenching itself in Afghanistan (since 2002) it had played havoc with Pakistan, through its hired assassins from FATA, Baluchistan and Karachi. As a result we lost 70,000 lives and suffered a loss of over $ 120 billion. Although Pakistan provided detailed proof of India’s complicity to USA as well as to UNO, yet I shall quote only three prominent observers from USA. Christian Fair, an Assistant professor at Georgetown University, after visiting Afghanistan had informed the prestigious RAND corporation (a public sector think-tank of USA) that Indian consulates based on the Pak-Afghan border had confided in her that India was “pumping money into Balochistan”, to create turmoil through terrorist activities. Chuck Hagel, one time the Defence secretary of USA, too had declared that India was trying to destabilise Pakistan based in Afghanistan. General McLyster the ISAF Commander in Afghanistan had also claimed that India was undermining Pakistan’s stability. They are all well respected Americans – were they telling lies? India had never refuted their claims. If those were not the blatant acts of terrorism by India then pray what were they?

If there was still any lingering doubt about India’s involvement in stoking terrorist activities within Pakistan, then pray explain the capture of commander Yadev of Indian Navy, who was caught red- handed in Baluchistan. He confessed that he was RAW’S agent and was tasked to carry out acts of subversion/ terrorism to destabilize Baluchistan as well as to undermine the CPEC project. If that doesn’t prove enough of India being a terrorist State then pray what else would?

These days India is beating war drums, blaming Pakistan for the so called recent attack on its Army Base at URI in IHK, without producing an iota of evidence. Its very timing (on the eve of Pakistan’s PM address at to U.N General Assembly) indicated that it was in all probability a sham operation (A retired India General in his book had confessed that special units had been raised in the Army for this very purpose). Earlier attack on Pathankot base was another such episode lacking evidence of Pakistan’s involvement. One may also recall the attack at chathisgarh in IHK where, during President Clintons visit to India, five Kashmiri youth had been killed – in retaliation for act of terrorism (Later the Judicial Enquiry exposed the drama of chathisgarh). It is very callous to kill one’s own people just to frame others. Those incidents indicate that nothing can be put past India, which is clearly a terrorist State.

Let India refute what has been said. Let the public at large be the judge as to who qualifies as a terrorist state. certainly not Pakistan which itself is victim of terrorism and has suffered grievously at the hands of the terrorists with 70,000 dead and its economy suffering a loss of over $ 120 billion.

Unfortunately, because of India’s diplomatic and economic clout and because it has great influence with International media there is a complete absence of the coverage of Indian brutality against the unarmed Kashmiris on CNN and BBC. It is rather unfortunate that USA, once the standard bearer of International justice and morality, is backing India and Israel both terrorist states – one denying the fundamental rights of Kashmiris for self-determination and the other denying homeland to Palestinians for decades. The least USA can do is to excersise its influence with India advising it to desist from the cold-blooded murder.