VEHARI-The rural people are easily being trapped by quacks, fake herbalists and spiritual healers and their businesses are thriving here day by day due to negligence of Health Department.

Their business growth shows that the Health Department officials have given them free hand as a lot of spiritual healers had set up clinics also in city areas especially in Muslim Town, Adda Thingi, Gara Morr, Machiwal and villages. They are taking advantage of the people’s ignorance, illiteracy, lack of awareness of health issues. The quacks in their advertisements claim that they have the ability to treat all kinds of diseases, including hepatitis, diabetes and blood pressure.

They charge Rs20 for an ordinary medicine while the most expensive one is available for Rs100. Two to three doses are enough to cure the disease if taken regularly, they claim.

A social activist said illiterate women make a beeline for their clinics and discuss their problems with the so-called doctors. Doctors of the government and private hospitals said that most of the patients are victims of the so-called doctors and hakims. When their condition worsens, the patients contact with the qualified doctors, they said. Shafqat Joyia Advocate said economic disparity is the reason of the growth of quacks in Vehari. Health officials are not showing responsibility to perform their duties. The drug inspectors do not perform their duties due to negligence of the EDO health.

Lawyers and social activists demanded a crackdown on hundreds of quacks working in Vehari city and various rural localities. When asked, EDO Afzal Bashir said action could be taken only if they give allopathic drugs to patients.