Teachers play a significant and crucial role in a nation’s progress and prosperity. They dispel the darkness of ignorance and bring about enlightenment, erudition, and healthy revolution. Teachers build the base of any nation; he is the one who trains, guides, and transforms an immature mind into maturity. They install bravery and courage in their students and prepare them for the challenges that life would throw at them. It is undoubtedly true that if there are sincere, dedicated, and determined teachers in any nation, then the nation is very well set on its way to triumph and progress. By providing a capable, industrious, and self-reliant youth, teachers can take a nation to great heights. And for these very reasons, teaching is considered a noble and sacred profession. 

Unfortunately, teachers nowadays have forsaken to perform their noble job, and instead of delivering with sincerity and dedication, they are pursuing to proliferate their earning through different resources. It is worth mentioning that in our society we can still find numerous teachers and scholars with a noble soul, who are putting their best efforts with selfless dedication to spread the real essence and spirit of education, but unfortunately, many improvident and imprudent one have hijacked the ideology and philosophy of education. These teachers have nothing to do with actual education, and they are only interested in pushing their own agenda. 

It is high time for the government to realise the gravity of this situation. The hiring criteria for teachers needs urgent reform. The government must revaluate the selection-process and make the entire system transparent and in line with international standards. Teachers should also be provided adequate incentives, so they put their efforts towards providing quality education. Teachers should also realise the they are employed in a noble profession, and all the government’s efforts will go down the drain if the teachers themselves are not interested in investing dedication and devotion in their work. 


Karachi, September 19.