LAHORE: Punjab Film Censor Board on Saturday after reviewing the film Na Maloom Afraad 2 has ended the exhibition suspension order.

The movie, which is a sequel to 2014’s comedy thriller film Na Maloom Afraad was reviewed the film after some complaints were made against the film. The censor board had announced on October 5, 2017 that the film will be recalled and reviewed. This order came after five weeks of the films screening. It may be mentioned that veteran film star Zeba is the chairperson of Punjab Film Censor Board.

The other day Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy condemning the ban said on twitter “We complain about terrorists and hate speech but a ban is a seldom imposed on them.”

Producer Fizza Ali Meerza talking to The Nation welcomed the decision of Punjab Film Censor Board to allow screening of the film. “The good news is that they have not found anything vulgar or questionable in the film. They have allowed screening of the film without any cut.

“We don’t make films to target someone’s personal life we just make them to entertain the audience,” she said. 

Director of the film Nabeel Qureshi said, “To recall a film after it has been shown in cinemas for one month of screening was not a good gesture. It was just ridiculous. If we start banning them how can we move towards revival? It is being heard from sources the screening ban in UAE was due to the misrepresentation of Arabs as NMA’S plot involves an Arab Sheikh and his gold toilet,” Nabeel said.

Actor Humayun Saeed, who is in Turkey these days, said that it was a wrong move. “Any issues with the films content must be addressed during the censor process. That’s the whole point of having a censor board,” he said.

NMA2 stars Fahad Mustafa, Javed Sheikh, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Urwa Hocane and new face Hania Amir. The movie has been shot in Cape Town and Karachi and the plot has been moved forward by three years, narrating the story of how the trio of Na Maloom Afraad meets again in Cape Town and the adventures that then follow. The movie’s duration is 2 hours and 10 minutes.