ISLAMABAD -  Imran Khan on Friday submitted details of bank transactions regarding transfer of UK Pound 562,415 in ex-wife Jemima’s account from Niazi Services Limited in the Supreme Court.

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A three-member bench had directed the counsel of PTI Chairman Imran Khan to provide banking transaction to prove that UK Pound 562,415 money from the NSL bank account shifted into Jemima’s account.

In September 28 proceeding, Naeem Bukhari instead of submitting bank transaction produced two letters, which Imran Khan had written to the Barclays Private Bank Limited on April 11 & 18, 2003, for transfer of UK Pound 38,124 in the Tahir Nawaz’s bank account and UK Pound 562,415 in the account of Jemima Khan. However, the court had shown reservation over it. Justice Umar Bandial had said: “You are public office-holder. Please show us something except letters that UK Pound 562,415 went into the account of ex-wife.”

The statement submitted in the apex court on Friday mentioned that Jemima Goldsmith also sent an amount of £79,000 for design of construction of Banigala, adding that such amount has been declared before the Election Commission of Pakistan during the year of 2003, including the detail of loan to Jemima from the NSL and receipt of the funds which Jemima received from the Anglo Irish Bank.

The court has been informed that after payment of loan to Jemima from the NSL account, the remaining amount of £100,000 was spent for legal proceedings’ expenditures about London flat after which no amount was left in the bank account of NSL which Imran Khan would have to mention in the tax return and declarations of assets.

Imran Khan submitted that from 2002-2007 he was member of National Assembly, saying neither there was any amount receivable nor he received any amount from the account of NSL during this period.

Details of the documents submitted in the court explained that no amount was in the NSL bank account in 2013 so Imran Khan didn’t mention details of the account before the election commission while submitting nomination papers for the 2013 general elections.

Earlier, during the course of hearing of the plea on October 3 the apex court asked Naeem Bokhari, counsel for Imran Khan to submit verified documents of the bank transactions between Jemima Goldsmith and Imran Khan for Banigala land.