KARACHI - Pakistan People’s Party Karachi President Dr Asim Hussain on Friday returned to Pakistan after an almost two month stay in London for medical treatment and said that he had proved his critics wrong who said that he would not return to the country.

He was welcomed by Deputy Speaker Sindh Assembly and PPP Karachi Information Secretary Shehla Raza, and other local PPP leadership at Jinnah International Airport.   

Addressing media at Karachi Airport, Dr Hussain took a jibe at PML-N leadership and said that he belongs to PPP whose leadership always remained within the masses in difficult times and they are not the ones who would run away from the country like Nawaz Sharif.

“We are the ones who saved the country in past and will repeat the same thing in future also,” he said

He further said that Nawaz Sharif is at loggerheads with the army which is not a good sign for the country.

“Nawaz Sharif should refrain from any confrontation with the army otherwise PPP would stand alongside its armed forces,” he said adding that he had himself listened to Nawaz Sharif using abusing language for the army.

He said that the army had given a clear message through its silence that it do not want to indulge in the politics.

He said that the politics of Nawaz Sharif was only for commission and his due share in the projects. “The PML-N leader wants to take the country 200 years back.” 

The former petroleum minister said that that there is a difference between the actions and words of the PML-N leadership.

Responding to a question, the PPP leader alleged that the PML-N leadership wants to put into action their design of ‘Greater Punjab’ “The PML-N leader want a piece of land where he could run the state like his kingdom,” he alleged.