KARACHI - Pakistan’s largest science exhibition Magnifi-Science 2017, organised by the Dawood Foundation (TDF)” started on Friday with a massive attendance of students, teachers, families and individuals from various cities of Sindh.

The Dawood Foundation’s 2nd Magnifi-science exhibition is a collaborated effort of some of Pakistan’s leading corporations and public sector organisations along with academia, entrepreneurs and specialists in various science fields to promote the culture of science, technology and critical thinking in the country.

TDF’s Magnifi-Science exhibition 2017 is divided in to four themes, basic Science, Science of Technology, Earth Science and Health Science, each theme has various activities planned around its subject such as, interactive sessions, exhibits, educational games, talks by specialists and showcasing of different innovative models made by participating organizations and institutions.

The exhibition attracted attendees from all walks of life including politicians, educationists, specialist’s entrepreneurs, science clubs, environmentalists, school students and many others. This exhibition got them together on a single platform to talk and explore about the many marvels of science and think about innovative ways to overcome some of the problems faced by the country.

Speaking on the event, CEO TDF Sabrina Dawood said “It has become important for us, as a nation, to rekindle the love of science in our youth and promote critical thinking amongst them. Such learning spaces in Karachi are extremely important where anyone and everyone can come to learn, imagine and explore.”

“TDF Magnifi-Science leverages fun, interactive exhibits to foster learning among students. Each exhibit aims to stimulate visitors’ curiosity leading them to learn and retain simple but important scientific knowledge,” she added.