LAHORE-Sean Tubby and Andy Gove have travelled all the way from England on their African Twin bikes to explore the beauty of the world. These days they are in heart of Pakistan that is Lahore.  The trip of a lifetime will see them explore no less than 20 countries. They left England in August and headed for the continent, where they set their sights on Germany, for a lap of the Nürburgring, before heading through Eastern Europe towards Turkey.

After visiting Lahore they are all set to leave for India through Wagah. From there the trip will continue through the largely untouched roads of Myanmar and continue through South East Asia to Vietnam. In an exclusive interview with The Nation they talked about their journey and difficulties they faced during the tour. Following are the excerpts of the interview:

What inspired you to travel towards Pakistan?

Sean Tubby: I am visiting Pakistan to promote the message that it is a peaceful country and safe for the tourists. It is a heaven which is unexplored.

Andy Gove: Not many people do it so we thought we should.

Which was the place you travelled in Pakistan and how was your experience?

Sean Tubby: Pakistan was the easiest border crossing we have had. In fact, it took longer to leave Iran than enter Pakistan. A well spoken gentleman walked us through the procedure, while border staff and money changers came to stare at us with interested and slightly bewildered expressions. We were then sent up the road through a set of huge and ornate gates that were promptly opened ajar to let our bikes through. Half a dozen smartly dressed soldiers with neatly trimmed beards sat us down at a garden table with easy smiles. They then took our details and were amused and confused in equal measure about the fact that our passports had the words Northern Ireland printed on the front.

The western part of Pakistan, from Taftan to Quetta, is considered quite dangerous; this is due to the fact that human traffickers, drug smugglers and the odd religious zealot, bent on beheading foreigners, roam the endless desert applying their trade. This meant we could not travel anywhere without a security escort, and moving after 2pm is prohibited. So, we were put up in the local police station for the night, where we slept on the floor of one of the offices. To travel overland, the Levies will run you between check points, where you are passed onto the next group of officers. The checkpoints vary from mud huts with oil drums full of rocks as barriers, to fully blown military outposts, where your documents are triple checked, while the soulless barrel of an LMG tracks your movements. The eyes of its operator can be seen just behind, darting nervously from us to the officer in charge. It was the western part of Pakistan, from Taffan to Quetta.

The real issue was the relentless heat, Pakistan is hot, like, really hot and our escorts would only drive at the mind bending, soul destroyingly slow speed of 40 miles per hour. We were riding through golden sands, that rose and fell like the waves of the sea. Palm trees started to appear as the road led us to the base of an epic and unforgiving mountain range.

Andy Gove: We have discovered mostly areas of northern side of Pakistan and the experience is really amazing. We cannot express our thanks enough for everything out friends in Pakistan have done for us. Such an incredible country with the most amazing people. We shall miss you Pakistan.

What do you think is the appeal of jumping on a motorcycle and riding around the world?

Sean Tubby: It feels great to get around and get involved with the world directly – to be close to it, to have a real exposure to people and conditions.

Andy Gove: You get a chance to discover the places and its ground realities.

While doing adventure on bike what should a person carry in his kit bag?

Sean Tubby: Tools and spare parts should be complete. Your tent is your home so, don’t forget to carry it.

Andy Gove: My essentials are an impregnated mosquito net, helmet, waterproof boots, proper tools, spare parts and my camera.

What is the worst road you have ridden on?

Sean Tubby: It was the parts of Karakoram highway where we had to face land sliding. Other than that it was the best road for bike riding. 

For a motorcycle enthusiast who wants to travel from UK to Pakistan on a bike how much does it cost?

Sean Tubby: If he/she wants to finish in Pakistan it will cost around 4,000 pounds. 

What’s Next any new trip planned?

Sean Tubby: We are heading towards India via Wagah border.  Andy Gove:  I guess we should first finish this one and then will make new trip plan.