Karachi  -  President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan said on Saturday that Iqra University was the top ranked university of the country.

“Establishment of Iqra Youth Parliament is a highly commendable initiative for which I congratulate Hunaid Lakhani. The students sitting in this youth parliament will surely become the leaders of tomorrow; they will be sitting in National Assembly, Senate, provincial assemblies or United Nations in future. They must highlight the national issues of the country and prioritise national interest,” he said.

He was expressing his views at the inauguration ceremony of Iqra Youth Parliament at Iqra University, Karachi. “The Kashmiri nation has been giving great sacrifices for the last 71 years and one day they will be liberated and then Kashmir will be a part of Pakistan,” he said.

He said the water crisis was a serious issue not just nationally but globally. “Plantation is a great initiative, which is direly needed. The federal government’s initiative of mass plantation on national level is highly commendable. We all must play our role to deal with the water crisis in the country,” he said.

He addressed the members of youth parliament and advised them to learn skills of negotiations and conflict resolution. “You all have to highlight the Kashmir issue if you represent Pakistan at international forums,” he said.